Epic Cards

The Most Excellent Nature of Epic Cards in Clash Royale

Men and women of different age groups worldwide these days love to engage in the clash royale game and take advantage of opportunities towards the improved entertainment. They wish to make every positive change in their game play and learn various aspects of the clash royale day after day. They can directly pay attention to the epic cards associated with this game and get an overview about how these epic cards aid in the enhancement of the overall game play within a short period. Even though loads of epic cards are available in our time, you can focus on top epic cards mostly used and recommended by satisfied players throughout the world. The following details assist every listener to enhance proficiency in the epic cards without complexity in any aspect.


Lightning is one of the well-known and strongest epic cards in the clash royale game. You can use this epic card to damage and stun up to 3 buildings or troops of your enemy with the maximum hit points in any target area. Do not forget to concentrate on the following factors before using this epic card.

• Radius
• Stun duration
• Count
• Damage
• Damage per second

Added stun effect in the lightening gives an array of benefits to all users of the deadly nature of the lightning spell. This element is used to take out a wide range of glass cannons and give the maximum value for only 6 spell. This is worthwhile to lightning the maximum push and eliminate the highest possible damage dealing troops.

Giant skeleton

The giant skeleton carries the biggest bomb which blows up when it dies. If you have decided to use the giant skeleton and fulfill your wishes on the epic card, then you can get the most outstanding benefits. You can focus on and make certain about the hit speed, target area, range, damage per second, death damage and deploy time before using this epic card. This popular epic card takes one second deploy time and operates in the medium speed with melee range. This epic card stops pushes in its tracks and decimate a tower. You can clone the giant skeleton and deal with the troop by using the bomb of the cloned skeleton.

Goblin Barrel

Every successful player of the clash royale in recent times thinks out of the box and acts in the smart manner. They spawn three goblins anywhere in any arena and take pleasure in the thrilling ride. They focus on the goblin level, count and radius before using this epic card. They use this card and get loads of benefits from the capability of this card to deal insane damage. They use this epic card in a proper way to distract the tower with a giant which looks like a tank. They deploy their goblin barrel thereafter they are not ready to do it at first. They understand the significance of keep moving around their placement and do not let their opponent to predict zap it.